If you would love your child to own a camera, but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on one they will probably break, you may want to look into buying the VTech Kidizoom camera.

This particular camera is made especially for children, is extremely inexpensive, and has so many fabulous features, most parents can hardly believe their luck.

What is a VTech Kidizoom camera? — This is a chunky camera that is made especially for children. The VTech Kidizoom camera is extremely hard-wearing, can be dropped without breaking or scratching, and can even be used in a swimming pool.

As these cameras are designed especially for children, their designs are also very cool.

A typical camera can also be mounted onto your child’s bike, so he or she can use it as they are biking around. It can also be attached to a skateboard, or even to a helmet. The camera comes with two different attachment brackets, which will allow you to do that.

The VTech Kidizoom camera works underwater — These cameras are also waterproof, and can be operated underwater up to a depth of around six feet. This means they can be used at the beach, in a swimming pool or even on a whitewater rafting trip.

Photos and videos — Even though these cameras are very cheap, they still take both photographs and videos.

This will allow your child to act like a professional photographer anywhere he goes, taking both video of people and locations as well as photographs of his favorite places or things.

Editing software — The VTech Kidizoom camera comes with editing software that allows your child to completely edit both photos or videos. All he has to do to be able to do so is to transfer the footage or photos he has taken to a computer. He can then use the software to make cuts in video footage, to add special effects and even to put filters on everything he takes.

From there he can upload his work to Instagram, Facebook or any of the other social media platforms he may use.

Hundreds of photos and hours of video — Even though these cameras retail for a very low amount, they will still allow your child to take up to 400 photographs, or around four hours of video.

This means they can be used on a day out somewhere, and your child will be able to photograph or video just about everything he sees.

The camera also has a very good battery, which should last all day. It is also very durable, so can be dropped without there ever being any problems with getting the camera to work again.

The price of the VTech Kidizoom camera — Depending on the retailer you purchase one from, it is possible to buy a VTech Kidizoom camera for as low as $30. You can check the current prices for the vtech kidizoom at amazon.com.

The more expensive ones go up to $90, but they come with a lot more features.

The best way to get the most affordable price is to run a price comparison online, and check out the average price from an Internet-based retailer.

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